Break up love sms,Break up love quotes

I hate you because I love you still... but I don't regret loving you. I just wish things hadn't ended the way they did.

I gave you my sympathy, my attention, my devotion, my sensitivity, but most of all my heart. You gave me a lie. Thanks..

Boys. Boys. Sometimes you just have the smack them upside the face and you'll feel better:)

You always say you never wanna see me upset, then why are you the reason of my tears <//3

Best way to get over a man, is to get under one! And this one is gonna be Smoking HOT! ;P

you might not remember everything you say but be careful because someone else might never forget.

Going to Build Walls around my Heart so High And Forget to Add a Door so no one can get in again.

you said we could still be friends but honestly you wasted my time and i don't know but the whole friend thing anymore

So let me get this straight... I dumped you, so now I'm the slut because I found someone better then you could EVER be... Is that right ?

u really don't know what u got til its gone. waste no time show the people u love how much they mean to u dot let them think they are anything less then amazing

Thinks the worst thing about dating your best friend is that when you break up, you lose your best friend also

A lie you tell to start a relationship, will be the same lie that destroys it.

If you Truly CARED about me like you said, You wouldn't have HURT me like you did</3

it was your choice to let me walk away. I did everything to get you to make me stay but i couldn't make you love me!

sometimes in life you have to quit trying and just call it quits, no matter what is said or done it is pointless. It's like doing CPR on a person that is gone.

When i find someone new i don't want to hear your crap about how your sorry and want me back its your fault and i don't care.

~give your heart to someone who will truly love it and not to someone who will just breaks it to peaces~

one day you're going to realize what you're missing out on, when that day comes its gonna be to late. I'll be in someone Else's arms, and I wont look back.

You told me you loved me wanted me missed me couldnt stand to be without me.we txted for hours and hours.sometimes till 1 in the morn. now you ignore me </3 ;(

all i wanna say right now is just whatever.. I'm not exactly sure how this is gonna turn out. but i cant really handle much more:(

That moment when the guy you love has a girlfriend... There goes another dagger to my heart</3

some people leave footprints in your memory, some people leave footprints in your heart, and some people need my footprint in their face!

breaks are always hard but babe the break up with you was the hardest cause i loved you and i gave you my heart and you took it and stomped it into the ground